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In order to make money from your website you will need traffic, to get this traffic you will need good quality backlinks.
So this article will go in depth about how to receive backlinks and boost your rankings in the search engines.
One of the best ways to get listed on the first page of Google is to get back links from websites that have a high page rank.
Page Rank is Google's Method of ranking websites on the internet.
A page with a higher page rank has more "authority" in the serps and will rank higher.
Unfortunately, this is also the hardest way to get links to your site.
I mean think about it, why would a site want to give away authority, in the form of a link, to your site? Well, if you have a friend who is willing to pass page rank to your site or are simply lucky enough to get a link, congratulations...
you are on your way to lots of traffic and lots of money.
If you are not lucky enough to get a one way link, the strongest of links, to your site, then this next step will be more likely to work.
More sites will be more willing to do a link exchange with you.
This is where both sites link to each other, resulting in a weaker passing of page rank.
Think about it, if you both pass "link juice" to each other, then it kind of cancels out.
This method is one of the most common ways to get links.
Writing articles is also a way to receive page rank and links to your site.
Many of the top article submission websites will let you write an article and post a link back to your site.
This works like a charm, but most people are too lazy to put forth the effort to write articles.
The main article sites are EzineArticles and GoArticles.
Folks, to be as honest with you as possible, this is all there is too it.
Its as simple as that, write tons of articles and get lots of backlinks and you will receive traffic.
Do you know why this kind of traffic is the most profitable? Because it is targeted, you will have visitors coming to your site for a reason and all you have to do is capitalize off of that traffic.
If you put in the time and effort and follow the correct guidelines, you can be very successful making money with a website.
There is money to be made in social traffic, but it is not near as profitable as search engine traffic.
Best of Luck
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