3 Hot Tips to Sweep Your Boyfriend Off His Feet

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Newsflash! Boys are not the only ones who can sweep their sweethearts off their feet.
Girls too are equally adept at showing off their romantic side with sweet gestures, and they have many more aces up their sleeves other than cooked meals and flowers.
One of the numerous sweet gestures that a lot of women would swear by, and one that has swept their guys off their feet, is an impromptu trip.
With everything from choosing your destination, buying airline tickets to booking hotel rooms easily taken care off online, all you need to do is ask your guy to show up! He will undoubtedly be thrilled to bits at the prospect of being whisked away on a holiday without having to worry about a thing.
If time is a constraint, go the old-fashioned way and dedicate a song to your boyfriend.
Sing to him on a karaoke night at your local bar, or if your budget permits, book a small auditorium and organize a live performance, where you can sing your heart out, assisted by a group of musicians.
Another simple yet very effective way to show that you care is to make good use of all the post-its lying around your house.
Though post-its were not invented as a medium for love notes, leaving little colorful notes on them will surely make your guy feel special.
Remember to stick them at the least expected places, so that the element of surprise can also delight your guy.
These are just a handful of suggestions which can sweep your boyfriend off his feet.
Use your imagination and creativity and you can come up with many more.
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