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In the last year criminals have increasingly targeted construction sites in Orange County stealing tools, materials and computers worth tens of thousands of dollars. The lack of security makes Orange County construction sites easy targets for thieves and vandals. It takes construction companies a while to adjust to the new realities in Orange County. Years ago simple fences and trespassing signs were sufficient to secure construction sites in Orange County, but the false sense of security and the lack of any type of security systems coupled with the declining economy have made construction sites in Orange County new targets for thieves.

Our company and other security companies have been increasingly hired after the site has been burglarized and materials, equipment and tools worth thousands of dollars have been lost. Many project managers still expect Orange County to be as safe as it was years ago. Therefore security protocols are fairly lax. While the site is not secured by any security system, tools and expensive parts and materials are left unlocked and easily accessible. A burglar simply needs to walk in to the site and can steal tools and materials worth hundreds of thousands of dollars within minutes.

Our security consultants have been working with project managers devising new security plans and protocols. Our consultants have participated in many meetings raising awareness. Most importantly high cost items are locked away at a central location at night and security guards is patrolling the site while workers are not onsite. Security guards control access to the site, which means that visitors have to be preapproved by the project managers or superintendents upfront. Additionally, security officers visibly patrol the site frequently by foot or in a patrol car. Signs all around the property will indicate that a security guard is patrolling the site. A supervisor will visit the site twice per night in a marked vehicle checking in with the security officer.

All that activity prevents the construction site to be targeted by burglars, because unfortunately there are still many much easier targets in Orange County where perpetrators simply walk or drive in to steal expensive construction materials. The security guards are well trained and kept accountable with electronic systems and with supervisory visits. They will provide daily activity and detailed incident reports to project managers and superintendents. The success of employing security guards at Orange County construction site is easily visible.

While some sites have been targeted by burglars multiple time before they hired a security company the sites have not been burglarized after hiring security guards. That will accomplish that construction personnel will have peace of mind. They will not face losing their computers and not being able to work for days after their systems got stolen like some of our clients. Hiring a security company will enable construction personnel to focus on the business of building and constructing. It will make it possible to finish the job within its time frame without having to deal with site security and the police, because the security company is taking care of that for them.
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