Smart Mop Review

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So you have seen the Smart Mop infomercial on television right? I did too, and after seeing it a couple of times I finally gave in and decided to give it a try.
It is supposed to be super absorbent on any type of surface.
When you open the box, you will see different parts.
The handle is broken into three parts to fit in the box, the bottom extension has the mop attached to it.
Inside the box you will also find the three extra ShamWow cloths that are offered to you as a free bonus when you order.
The bucket you see in the infomercial is not included with the kit.
Once you have assembled all three sections, they should be able to loosely move around.
In order to test it, I went into my kitchen and dropped some pasta sauce all over the floor.
I wet the pop and squeezed out the excess water then started working on the sauce on the floor.
It really did absorb most of the sauce that I had dropped on the floor with just a few runs over it.
I then rinsed the mop in the bucket and sure enough the clean water that was in there started to turn red from the stuff the Smart Mop had picked up from the floor.
With another few passes on the floor, it was clean again like nothing had been dropped on it.
Yes it does feel super absorbent as you use it.
Overall it did the job, and feels really light in your hands even when you put it into the water.
It is easy to twist and remove the excess water when you are using it.
One of the only drawbacks I can mention is that the strands may sometimes get tangled.
If this happens you may have to use your hands to separate them again.
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