How to Make a Microwave Omelette

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    • 1). Grease the cereal bowl with margarine.

    • 2). Crack one egg into the bowl and beat with a fork.

    • 3). Add the milk and beat. Add only enough milk to lighten the egg color slightly. Beat until there are no patches of egg white and it is combined consistently.

    • 4). Add a pinch of salt.

    • 5). Add additional ingredients to taste. For instance, you might like a cheddar cheese and shredded turkey omelet or a black olive and green pepper one.

    • 6). Place in the microwave on high for one and a half to two and a half minutes, depending on the heating capability of the microwave.

    • 7). Remove from the microwave with hot pads. A perfectly round omelet should be in the bowl.

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