How to Measure Distance on the TomTom

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    • 1). Drive to your start location. This is the location that you want the measurement to start at.

    • 2). Turn on your TomTom GPS device by pressing the power key. Wait for the device to find the satellite signal before continuing. This process could take a few minutes.

    • 3). Enter the location that you wish to travel to. This will be the location that you want to find the distance from your current location. Touch "Navigate to" from the main menu screen. Then, choose to enter an address, pick an option from your "Favorites" or choose a point of interest from the preset categories in your TomTom.

    • 4). Look at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen in map view. Your TomTom will automatically take you to map view once your destination is set. In the corner of the screen, you will see the total mileage for the distance between your current location and the location you entered. This is the distance between the two points.

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