Belly Fat, Overweight, and Fats in Diet

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Fat is one of the most important foods of animals and plants.
Without it they would die.
However, when you're taking in more fat than you're burning off, you get the unwanted belly fat! Fats are found in tissues of animals and in plants alike, particularly in the seeds.
They are made up of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen in combination with glycerin and certain acids.
Fats are hard, some soft and some liquid according to their degree of firmness at ordinary temperatures.
Hard and soft fats may be liquefied by heat and liquid fats may be hardened by a chemical process called hydrogenation.
By this process the liquid fat is kept in a solid form and does not spoil.
The most important of the fatty acids are palmitic, stearic and oleic acids.
There are comparatively large amounts of palmitic and stearic acids in hard fats.
Liquid fats such as olive and cottonseed oils contain more oleic acids.
Mineral oils such as petroleum are not considered fats because they cannot be absorbed in the body.
Most fats may be being dissolved in chloroform, ether, gasoline and benzine.
These substances therefore are often the remove grease stains from clothing.
Fats in the diet furnish more than twice as much fuel and energy for the body as the same amount of proteins or carbohydrates.
This is because fats contain and hydrogen.
When carbon and hydrogen burn, they give off huge amounts of heat.
A pure fat has a fuel value of 4,040 calories a pound, while sugar a typical carbohydrate has a fuel value of 1,820 calories a pound.
This stands to reason, burn off more calories than taken in and you will lose weight.
All fat not used for fuel energy or growth is stored in the tissues as body fat.
What fat percentage is normal for average people? That statement can vary fat and wide all depending on your level of activity.
World class athletes' may have a body fat of six to eight percent.
Other people may be around twenty percent.
Fashion models may be about six percent.
Nearly all the fat found in food is digestible.
But it takes a long time for our digestive juices to work on fat.
Thus fried foods that are covered with fat will be digested more slowly than with boiled foods.
Fatty foods therefore keep a person from feeling hungry for a longer period of time than a diet without fat.
It's not a complicated formula at all to lose weight.
Take in fewer calories than your body uses in your level of activity over the course of a month.
You can actually eat throughout and many times a day if you're more selective of what you eat.
I don't mean to seem smart, but that is the very foundation of what I do.
Multiple amounts of fruits and vegetables everyday, with meat on one day a week.
One can get use to this diet with a little practice.
The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is I've not had to see a doctor in over ten years.
It's works for me and will work more you too!
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