Hunting Gifts for Christmas

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    • The most important thing to many hunters is their weapon. This is a premium gift choice that's perfect if it's been a while since your gift recipient bought a new weapon. Depending on what type of game he hunts, he could need a rifle, a shotgun or a bow. If he doesn't need a new weapon or it's beyond your budget, give him a supply of bullets, shotgun shells or arrows.


    • Hunters have to wear specific apparel in the field, such as camouflage, for several reasons. Some animals have excellent eyesight and will run from colors that are uncommon in the wilderness. The type of clothing you choose will depend upon the season in which he hunts. For a warm weather hunter, go with a lightweight pair of pants and a T-shirt. For cold weather, choose a pair of camouflage coveralls. In some areas, it's required by law that hunters wear an orange vest for safety from other hunters, giving you yet another apparel gift choice.

    Hunting Trip

    • Many a hunter dreams of a trip to a well-known hunting destination and will be thrilled by a travel gift that gets him there. Businesses in many of these areas provide cabins or even resort-like accommodations for hunters. They also provide the services of a guide to ensure the best chance at a successful outing. Prearrange the entire trip and surprise him with the details enclosed in a gift card.


    • There are lots of very useful accessories that a hunter will appreciate as a gift. For example, you can give a hunter a bottle of liquid that he can spray on his clothes to help disguise his scent. Many hunters, such as duck hunters, use decoys to guide their prey to them. Choose a pocket knife he can use in the field. Binoculars, hand warmers and a gun case are just a few more gift ideas to help make a hunter's excursion more successful.

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