Thinking About A Breakup? Get It Over And Done With.

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Every once in a while a relationship must come to an end. You have had your own share of loving each other and hating each other enough to kick each other and now its time for breaking up. Each time you had a fight you both agreed people never fought to break up but to make up. But that doesn't hold any more. Lately you have been fighting a lot and nothing you seem to do is right anymore. You have been thinking about nothing else but a break up. You sort of think you will all be happy if you went your separate ways. There is no single break up that is not painful and the sooner you do it the sooner you will be on your way to healing your heart.

The first rule about breaking up is to be sure you really want to break up. Once you are sure about what you want then breaking up will not be that hard. Break up with your partner on a face to face basis. It is never a good idea to break up with a person via a phone, voicemail or e-mails. When you break up with your partner face to face make sure to give reasons for breaking up with them. This way you wont leave them in doubt of why you broke up with them in the first place. You could also be helping them not to make the same mistakes they made with you with their next partner.

Choose a place you will break up from. You should choose a place you want to break up wit your partner. It should be a place that the two of you will be free to talk freely. Don't choose a special place that was for the two of you for you to have your break up from. First of all your partner might think you are going to do something special. Secondly, though you are breaking up, you had your special moments and its good to still keep them special. Make your intention for meeting with your partner known. That way, they wont be confused about what is going on. Your partner could be least expecting a break up, you might shock them.

When breaking up keep your temper in check. There are a lot of things that your partner did that did not impress you. Shouting them across wont make them understand you better, it will only make your partner hate you. If you still want to maintain a close relationship with them, keep the name calling to yourself. Yes he is a mean person and self centered but there is a better way of telling them that instead of name calling. Sometimes its good to part as friends. You never know when you will need your partner. You have also stayed with them for sometime, some little respect is all you can give them when you are breaking up with them. Don't leave them hurting and resentful, leave them feeling you both really needed the break up.
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