Best Choices in Home Security

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Crime statistics show that a burglary occurs less than every 16 seconds in the United States.
A home security system may just help you protect your home from being the next statistic.
While home security systems have been around for a while they have become much more technologically advanced in the past ten years.
There are now many choices in home security systems.
They range from standard to highly advanced with price tags to fit into any homeowner's budget.
A home security system may have several components.
There may be video surveillance cameras set up outside the home.
These are located in strategic places to capture people entering your property.
Closed circuit technology may be used to allow you to view the cameras on a home television screen or monitor.
New technology allows cameras to be viewed through an Internet connection.
This allows you to see what's happening at home from anywhere in the world where you can connect to the Internet.
Outdoor alarms are another part of the outdoor home security setup.
Outdoor alarms can be programmed to turn on floodlights when movement is detected.
These use the latest technology to determine the size and weight of the intruder to eliminate the alarm being triggered by a cat or other animal.
You can also include a driveway alarm that will monitor the safety of your vehicle.
Indoor home security systems are installed on the windows and doors of the home.
They can also be set up to monitor movement inside the home.
Home security systems use keypads that are installed at the entrance doors.
The homeowner arms the alarm when they leave the house by pressing a button on the keypad.
When they return home they need to immediately enter a special code on the keypad.
Failure to enter a code will trigger an audio alarm as well as a call to the security center.
The security agent will call the police.
The latest technology provides the ability to set the alarm from anywhere in the world by calling a special phone number and entering a code.
Notifications of entry can also be sent to cell phones to alert you when someone comes in.
The security company can provide a detailed report of entries.
Additionally home security systems may use motion sensors to secure the home.
You can have the system installed in zones to allow you to arm some areas of the home while you are at home in another area such as arming the living room when you are in the bedroom.
Home security systems can be powered by electricity or by batteries or a combination.
Wireless systems are popular new systems because you don't need to have extra cables run throughout the home.
You can add indoor video surveillance as well as outdoors.
There are many advantages to using home security systems to keep your family safe.
They are the single greatest deterrent to break-in crimes available.
Systems are easy to use, quickly installed and are an affordable way to ensure the safety of your family.
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