Miracle Water - Is There Really Such a Thing As Healing Waters?

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For centuries people have traveled the world in search of the healing effects of miracle water, also known as living water or healing water.
There are several locations in the world that are recognized as having water that actually are known for their healthy properties.
These locations include Lourdes France, Nordenau Germany, Delhi India, and Tlacote Mexico.
In the 1960's a number of scientist went to these locations to determine what if anything these waters had in common.
It was discovered that the one property these waters had in common was active hydrogen, also known as alkaline.
Russian scientists tried to duplicate this water and came up with a method of electrolysis that would separate the negative ions from the positive ions.
The waters negative ions were tested to be alkaline.
The Japanese scientist perfected this technology and were able to not only separate the negative and positive ions, but also calibrate them to produce specific levels of alkaline and acidic water.
It is common knowledge that sickness and disease including cancer thrive in an acidic environment.
In fact 100% of all cancer patients have a very acidic pH.
It is also common knowledge that many diseases including cancer cannot survive in an alkaline environment.
Since our bodies are over 70% water, it only makes common sense that we should provide our bodies with the highest quality water available and preferably with a alkaline pH In 1974 a Japanese company began manufacturing huge water systems for the hospitals in Japan.
This water has been used in over 250 hospitals and clinics to treat a host of medical conditions and has been referred to as "Miracle Water" by the people fortunate enough to have this water.
In 2006 this water technology came to the USA and is being manufactured and marketed by this same Japanese company.
I had the good fortune to purchase one of this company's water systems for my home and my wife and I have been giving away water to anyone and everyone.
We have been amazed with the results people are having with this water.
Not only is the water high in alkalinity (9.
5 pH), it is also rich in antioxidants.
The water we are drinking has approx.
5 times more antioxidants than green tea.
The water is also micro clustered and has a super hydrating effect.
I am careful to point out that it is not the water itself that is doing the healing, but that when God made us, he gave our bodies the ability to heal itself.
The water is going into our system and flushing out the acidity that is within all of us and replacing it with good healthy alkalinity.
The antioxidants are acting as scavengers and searching our the free radicals that are attacking our DNA and flushing those free radicals out of our system.
The micro clustered hexagonal water is going into our bodies and our bloodstream within seconds and giving us the necessary hydration.
Most people don't realize the importance of hydration, but I would like to point out an important fact.
The brain controls our body and the brain is made up of 90% water.
When we are in a dehydrated state the brain is going to find water and nourish itself first.
The easiest place for the brain to find a ready supply of water is in the colon.
This is not exactly where I prefer my brain to get its hydration.
It is also thought that there is a link to Alzheimer's for this very reason.
I have included a link to my website where you can learn more about this water.
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