If You Use Computer More Than 6 Hours a Day, Read This

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Today I am happy, I do what I like, I enjoy talking to people and I feel like I can make a difference in lots of peoples lives.
But it was not always like that, for 5 years I was sitting behind computer most of the time, I did not like it, but I was afraid to actually do anything about that.
I felt like I was of no good to anyone, I did not have anything to say to anyone.
Problems started piling up and there just seemed to be no way out.
It was not until I attended a seminar 3 months ago, where I was able to take a look inside of myself and see what was causing the problems.
It was my mind, not outside world.
Now I pay attention to what I think and act only if it benefits my goals.
Can I tell you more? I feel that from my experience, there were 3 main obstacles in my way.
First was my living situation.
I was and still am living with my parents, the difference is the approach I have towards this aspect.
I used to feel that living at home released me from taking responsibility of taking care of myself.
I was provided bed, food, electricity, shower and I felt that was good enough.
Now I will be moving out as fast as I can, I do not take staying at home granted, my parents will be better off without me and I without them.
I am however interested in leaving with a good relationship between them and that is what I have been working on for last 3 months.
Second obstacle was my own approach towards problems.
I felt that if I ignored them long enough they would magically disappear, which unfortunately did not happen.
Problems like losing friends, family and failing in school just kept on growing, and every day the feeling got worse.
Only way to keep myself calm was to enter online world and just ignore the problems.
Now I take full responsibility for my problems, if I feel like I can not handle them, I ask help.
Third reason I was stuck in computer was like I said before, I felt that I was of no good to anyone, that I did not have anything to give to people.
I just did not realize that EVERYONE is unique, EVERYONE has their own value to give to world.
For me what I discovered was that I am really good at helping other people with their problems and tasks.
If I am given a task, I am 100 % focused on doing that task and I just need few pointers on how to do it.
I am dedicated to helping as many people as I possibly can.
What is Your value? I wish to share my experience to everyone who is stuck in computer and help them find inner strength to be able to say yes to life, because life really is wonderful.
Thank you very much for taking the time to read this.
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