Prunes and Stomach Pain

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    Prunes for Constipation

    • Help keep constipation and stomach pains at bay by incorporating prunes into a regular, healthy diet.

    Natural Laxative

    • Prunes contain a mild, natural colonic stimulant. Should stomach pain and constipation develop, eating stewed prunes is a natural alternative to taking a chemical laxative.


    • Fresh, stewed, and dried prunes are not just foods for the elderly. Eating these foods along with other healthy foods helps promote digestive health.

    Nutritional Value

    • In addition to being good for digestion, prunes contain a variety of vitamins and may help lower cholesterol.


    • Colonic stimulants, including chemical laxatives, can cause dehydration. Be careful when using prunes to treat constipation. Eating excessive amounts of the fruit may cause dehydration.

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