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Create the look of a Stained Glass Votive Holder Supplies Needed: Most items can be found in the Scrap booking/Stamping section of your local craft store.
Straight-Sided Clear Glass Votive Holder Vellum Craft Markers of various colors Hole Punch Decorative String Embossing Powder in your choice of color Versamark Ink Pad Embossing Heat Tool Scissors Tape Measure or Ruler 1.
Measure the height and circumference of your Glass votive holder with a tape measure or ruler.
Use these measurements to cut out a piece of vellum.
It is important to make sure that the vellum does not extend past the top of the votive holder because this will increase the risk of a fire hazard.
After you have planned your design with your stamp(s), use the Versamark ink to stamp the design onto the vellum.
At this point the design will be clear.
Now sprinkle the embossing powder onto the stamped design.
Turn the vellum upright and make sure all stray powder has been shaken or tapped off.
Also make sure that your entire design has been covered in powder.
You will be able to see this because the embossing powder will stick to the design that you stamped with the Versamark inkpad.
Use your Embossing Heat Tool to heat the powder.
But be careful because the heat tool can get VERY hot! You will now have a beautiful raised design of the stamp you chose! Let cool for 1-2 minutes.
Now you can just color inside of the design on the opposite side of the vellum.
Darker Colors look better for this as they give a bolder appearance when the candle is lit.
Allow to dry for approximately 5 minutes or the colors may smear.
Finally, use your hole punch to make holes in the center of the shortest sides of the vellum.
Run your string through these holes and tie around your votive holder! And, VOILE! A One-of-Kind Votive Shade that was fun and inexpensive to make! You can find more candle decorating ideas at http://www.
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