Prot Leveling Spec - Paladin Edition

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For those looking to level quickly these days, using a tanking spec and combining questing with instancing is probably the best bet.
So this Prot leveling spec for Paladin's is designed with that goal in mind; being able to both quest and tank effectively.
We'll detail what talents to take, and in which order, then we'll talk about Glyph choices.
Note: I recommend sticking with a two-handed weapon while solo leveling until you start getting shield-based talents further in.
5/5 Divine Strength 5/5 Anticipation 3/3 Imp.
Righteous Fury 2/5 Toughness 2/2 Imp.
Hammer of Justice 5/5 Toughness 1/1 Blessing of Sanctuary 4/5 Reckoning 3/3 One-handed Weapon Specialization 5/5 Reckoning 1/1 Divine Sacrifice 1/1 Holy Shield 3/3 Ardent Defender 1/2 Divine Guardian 3/3 Redoubt 2/3 Combat Expertise 1/1 Avenger's Shield 3/3 Combat Expertise 2/2 Guarded By The Light 1/3 Touched By The Light 2/2 Judgments Of Justice 3/3 Touched By the Light 2/2 Divine Guardian 1/1 Hammer of Righteousness At this point, you'll want to move into other trees to finish your Prot leveling spec.
You can opt to grab a few more tanking talents and the like from Protection first, but I recommend moving on now.
5/5 Deflection 1/2 Imp.
Judgments 5/5 Benediction 2/2 Pursuit of Justice 2/2 Vindication 5/5 Seals of the Pure Alright, now you're done leveling...
go find yourself a good endgame spec for Raiding or PvP.
As for Glyphs, I recommend these while leveling (replace lower ones as higher ones become available): Divine Plea Hammer of Righteousness Seal of Vengeance Exorcism Seal of Righteousness Minor Glyphs provide less worthwhile options, and aren't a big deal; Lay on Hands, Sense Undead, and King's are the only ones that effect you at all, so get those.
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