How Can I Learn To Play The Guitar?

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Buying your first guitar is an emotional experience its common to get it home and marvel over it! It doesnt matter whether its a brand spanking new model from the store, or even a rescued orphan from the pawnshop it comes with a feeling of glamor and dignity that is undeniable!

You will probably take your new guitar home and then admire it. You will more than likely take out all of the various accompaniments that come with it the spare strings, the plectrums, the exciting guidebook that promises to make you an expert within a week. Then, you will probably pick up the guitar and begin to realize that you really dont have a clue where to start!

The wonderful fantasy of playing on stage at Madison Square Garden in front of an audience of thousands of fans chanting your name will evaporate quickly! Believe me, you are not alone! Learning to play the guitar properly and well takes time, effort and determination the glamorous image of the guitar making you into a rock and roll hero overnight is a common one, but its not quite as easy as that.
If you are in the position of owning a new guitar, but are not sure where you should start along the road to becoming a famous star, then the following are all points that you should be thinking about.

Know your Guitar
Make sure you are familiar with all of the parts, all of the various names. Before you even play a note, you need to understand your instrument. Look closely at the strings and get to know their names and their capabilities. Also important is understanding what type of guitar you have, and what it is designed to play.

Know yourself
Are you aiming to just be able to play simple songs and enjoy yourself, or are you looking to take it a little more seriously and considering playing in a band or professionally? All of these factors will affect the way that you learn and where you should start. Think about the type of music that you like to listen to, and also the type of music that you wish to play. What standard are you ideally looking to reach?

Many people get frustrated when they start to flip through the accompanying instruction manual that came with the purchase of their guitar. It sometimes seem like it was written in a foreign language. What is a great way of learning for one person may not be so effective for another. The reason for this is that, just as we all play differently, we all learn in different ways too.

The book that comes with most guitar purchases is generic it is written to attempt to please as many people as possible. Unfortunately, this often means that it is pretty ineffective for most people! If you are one of these people, then maybe you should start thinking about taking proper lessons.

If your guitar was bought from the local store, it might be worth asking there about lessons. Many stores operate their own lessons if not, they can generally point you in the direction of someone who can help you. The amount of guitar schools all over the country is growing and you can usually find one very close to your home. Also, there are an increasing number of online courses available, catering for all levels of student.

Whatever happens between you and your guitar, dont get downhearted! Try and recall that sense of elation that you got when you first bought the guitar! If you get it right, then that relationship will go from strength to strength.
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