Garment Racks

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Garment racks have many uses that you may not have considered.
Garment racks are rolling hanging bars designed to hang your clothing on.
They have traditionally been used to store clothing in the back rooms of retail stores, but you can probably use them for way more than you ever imagined.
The newest trend is for boutique stores to display all of their hanging clothes on garment racks.
This gives their store a feel of ever changing style.
Garment racks or mobile, so it is easy to rearrange your boutique to accent the new arrivals and minimize cluttered areas around the store.
It subliminally gives your clientele the feeling that the clothes hung there are mobile and may not be around for long.
This creates an urgency to buy.
It may sound strange, but try it and see.
Put out some clothing on a rolling garment rack and watch your customers be drawn to it.
They think that this must be the newest arrival and they were lucky enough to show up on the day that the new clothing did.
They want to be the first to buy it and they want to purchase while their size is still available.
Another use for garment racks is in your home.
Garment racks are very useful in the laundry area.
You can hang your clothes on the hangers hot out of the dryer without instantly having to take them to a closet.
You can use your garment rack to steam your clothes, hang blankets, quilts, comforters and drapes to dry.
You can roll it outside in the sun to dry those heavier items without getting them dirty by throwing them over a railing or other outdoor fixture.
Garment racks can also be used to clear out clutter in your closets.
If you do not have space for all seasons of clothes in your closet, you can hang out of season articles on a garment rack and store it in a garage, basement or extra bedroom.
Clothes will be out of sight, but you will avoid musty odors and major wrinkles that come from conventional box storage.
Your clothes will be fresh and wrinkle free, not to mention easy to get to, when the next season comes.
Using garment racks around your home or business can make life a lot easier or even increase sales.
They make garage sales a snap too! Just hang your items on hangers, straight from the closet to the garment rack, and then roll it out the door for an easy display.
Consider garment racks for your home or business.
Stock up on good quality hangers and you will be ready for anything.
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