Couples Shower Invitation Ideas

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    Wedding Showers

    • Coed wedding showers are replacing the more traditional women-only bridal shower and often take on the feel of a party rather than a shower. The invitation for a coed wedding shower must appeal to all recipients. Themes for coed wedding showers may involve cocktails, togetherness or activities both men and women enjoy. Invitations might have graphics of wine bottles and wine glasses, martini glasses or other cocktail themes to indicate the shower will be casual and that cocktails will be served. If the soon-to-be-married couple has a favorite shared hobby or activity, such as camping or gardening, select that for your theme. Invitations can have graphics with a couple enjoying the activity.

    Baby Showers

    • Soon-to-be fathers are taking a more active role and interest in the upcoming birth and preparations for their newborn, and so both the mother and father often attend a baby shower. If you are planning to include both the mom and dad, you will also be inviting men as guests, so themes, decorations, and invitations should not be cutesy, but instead should make both men and women feel welcome and comfortable. You want your baby shower invitation to inspire the recipient to attend. Keep the theme of the invitation directed toward the arriving baby with phrases such as "It's a Boy/Girl!" or "Baby on Board." No matter what you decide for a theme, be sure to state in your invitation that the shower is for both parents and that it is a couples shower, so there will be no confusion or embarrassment later.


    • When you address your couples shower invitation, both individuals of the couple must be named, either as Mr. & Mrs., or individually. You only need to send one invitation to a couple living together, whether they are married or not. Do not exclude single people from your couples shower simply because they are unattached. Let them invite a date, or they can attend alone.

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