How Do I Ask a Tenant to Move?

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    • 1). Check the landlord-tenant laws for the state where the rental property is located. Each state has specific laws for serving a notice to vacate. It is important that these laws are properly followed to assure that the notice is legal and free of errors. You may hire a lawyer to draft a notice for you or review yours for accuracy.

    • 2). Write your notice to vacate. Ask your tenant to move and give the expected move-out date. You must give 30 days for month-to-month tenancy and 60 days for a tenant with a yearly lease. Include the tenant's name and the rental property's address. Inform the tenant of eviction proceedings if he does not leave by required date. Inform the tenant of the reason you are requesting that they move, and include the current amount of money owed if you are asking him to leave because of non-payment of rent. Include your signature, telephone number and the date of the notice.

    • 3). Send the notice to the tenant by certified mail, return receipt requested, to serve as proof that the notice was received. You may also hand-deliver the notice and have the tenant sign a second copy, which you may keep for your records. Posting the notice on the tenant's front door is not recommended, because he can later dispute having received it. If the tenant has not vacated the unit after the notice date has lapsed, you may file for eviction.

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