Manhunt 2 for Wii Tips

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    • Walk quietly to avoid alerting enemies. Only run if you are sure the area is empty. To avoid being spotted, hide in the shadows behind objects and in the corners of rooms. If you are completely hidden, your health bar will turn blue.

      Enemy sentries are indicated by yellow dots on the map. Watch how the dots move to learn enemies' patrol patterns. When an enemy's back is turned, sneak past him or perform a stealth attack.

      Suspicious enemies are indicated by orange dots. A suspicious enemy will attempt to locate you. Hide in the shadows and wait for the enemy to leave. If the enemy peers into the shadows, hold the Wii remote completely still to avoid alerting him to your presence.

      Enemies who have found you are indicated by red dots. If only one enemy spots you, you can fight him by swinging the Wii remote and Nunchuk up and down. If multiple enemies spot you, find a shadowy spot to hide from them. After enough time has passed, their indicators will change from red to orange, allowing you to sneak past them.

    Stealth Attacks

    • To perform a stealth attack, you must carry a weapon. Weapons can be found throughout the game; walk up to a spinning weapon icon and press "A" to pick it up.

      Slowly approach an enemy from behind. As you get close to the enemy, a button or motion command will appear on screen. Enter the command to perform a level 1 stealth attack. If you wait two seconds before entering the command, a level 2 command prompt will appear, which performs a more violent attack. If you continue to wait an additional three seconds, you will see a level 3 command prompt. Level 3 attacks provide the most violent spectacle, but leave you vulnerable in the open for a longer period of time. Only use level 3 attacks when you are certain that you will not be spotted. Make sure you pick up the enemy's body and hide it in a dark area, or other enemies may spot it and sound the alarm.


    • Later in the game, you will gain access to new weapons, including firearms. You can use the guns to fight enemies head on and eschew stealth altogether. Use the Wii remote to aim and the "B" button to fire your weapon. Aim for an enemy's head to kill him more quickly. Hide behind crates or other objects when in a firefight, as your character cannot take much damage before dying.

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