Hollywood Party Activities

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    Star Makeover

    • The Hollywood theme lends itself naturally to glamorous fashion and hairstyles. Give the guests the star treatment by setting up a makeover area. As the guests arrive, send them to the area to get a makeover. Provide a wardrobe of dress-up clothes that the kids can wear. Include lots of accessories such as gemstone necklaces, bracelets, clip-on earrings and purses. Enlist the help of an adult as the hairstylist. Add a little poof or a sparkly barrette for each guest. Depending on the age of the guests and the preferences of the parents, a makeup artist is another option. Body glitter and lip balm are options that most parents will approve of. You can also put on fake fingernails or nail stickers.

    Photo Frames

    • Every Hollywood star needs a good head shot. Let the kids decorate their own glitzy photo frames to hold those head shots. Provide each child with a cardboard or craft foam picture frame. The kids decorate the frames using paint, glitter, star cutouts, sequins, gemstones and other craft supplies. Take a picture of each child after her star makeover. Print the pictures on a computer printer so that the guests can place them in their decorated frames.

    Guess the Movie Star

    • This Hollywood party game works well as an icebreaker. Write the names of famous Hollywood stars that all of the guests would know on sticky notes or on a note card. Stick or tape one name card on each child's back without letting him see it. The players mingle and ask one another yes or no questions about their characters. The other players look at the name and answer either yes or no without giving away any other clues. Award a prize to the first person to correctly guess the name on her back.

    Movie Trivia

    • Trivia is a simple party game that works well for any age group. Make a list of trivia questions based on movies and Hollywood. Keep in mind the guest list. Base the questions on movies and actors that the guests would know. Divide the players into two teams. Each correct answer earns the team a point. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.

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