The Art of Cunnilingus

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Not many people believe that the act of satisfying a woman orally could be considered an art.
With all the information available on the subject, it's hard to believe how many people still have no idea how intense that cunnilingus can be for a woman, and even harder to believe is the amount of men who think they are good at it when they are really lost.
Most men like to jump right in and get started but unless the woman is already extremely turned on this can be very uncomfortable for her.
To give a woman good head so to say, is to start off very slowly working your way to it.
Kiss her softly on her lips nibble at her ear and the nap of her neck.
When you get to her breasts take your time and enjoy them, gently caressing them teasing her.
Most women love to be teased it's an easy form of foreplay that will ensure she will be turned on when you get down to her most private of areas.
An interesting fact: women are able to have multiple orgasms, everyone knows that right? Well did you know they are capable of having close to 60 an hour that's an orgasm every minute! The best way to give a woman 60 orgasms an hour is with oral sex.
Cunnilingus shouldn't be considered a form of foreplay, no, not at all.
Cunnilingus is sex for women without penetration! If you want to completely satisfy your woman don't expect sex when you go down on her, tell her that you don't expect sex to come out of what you are going to do to her.
That will relieve any inhibitions she may have for wanting to hold back for intercourse, and allow her to enjoy the soft warm caress ofyour mouth.
Some important things to keep in mind when you are going down on her: keep the area moist especially if you are using any fingers to help her along.
There are a ton of nerve endings in her private area and when you try to insert a dry digit it will pull on her skin and be extremely uncomfortable for her.
Pay special attention to her breathing and body movements.
Not all women are the same and you need to learn what yours will do when she is having an orgasm.
She may hold her breath, or gasp for air.
She may lay extremely still, or heave about like a bucking bronco.
One of the key things you are going to be on the look out for is the all mighty command not to stop.
When you hear this, what ever it is you are doing, keep doing it.
It is very important to listen to your woman, when she tells you anything during oral sex, her likes and dislikes after all she is the recipient.
When it comes to pleasing a woman, knowledge is power.
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