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If you have been paying any amount of attention to the business scene lately, then you have probably seen that barcode printers are gaining quite a bit of footing inside most types of businesses. It isn't all that surprising. Shipping, tracking, scanning, and so on are important aspects of many different businesses now, especially any business that buys and sells any kind of merchandise. It is only natural to need a printer for your shipping and barcode labels, and one that can be efficient. After all, business is all about being quick and productive.

There are many companies out there that specialize in this type of equipment, both small destktop, as well as industrial sized barcode printers. One such company is Intermec. While they are not the top company in the industry, they are right on their heels, making them one of the leading manufacturers and distributors today.

Intermec makes both desktop printers and industrial types. These printers, no matter the size, are of some of the best quality and value on the market. They provide solutions for both home and small offices, as well as bigger business or warehouses. Their products have a broad array of features and specifications that enable more efficient and easier use, whether in the office or in the warehouse. Below are a few of Intermec's products, just to show you what you can expect.

Intermec PC23d
Let's start out with the smaller, desktop versions of Intermec's barcode and label printers. They are smaller than the industrial sized ones (just the right size to keep on a desk), are very light weight, and general specialize in smaller labels for less warehouse themed jobs. Business cards, small barcodes, name tags, etc., are a few of the job these printers specialize in, but are no where near their limit. They also tend to have several different features you can edit and customize to make them fit what you need.

The Intermec PC23d is small desktop printer that has the speed and efficiency to get your office prints done quick and done right. It can print labels as wide 2.36in. This printer can print with a resolution as high as 300 dpi and as fast as 8 ips. With this quick speed and high resolution, your labels will look great and be done in a flash.

Intermec PD41
The Intermec PD41 industrial printer is much bigger, and can therefore do a bit more in terms of capabilities. This also means it is a bit more pricey and a bit heavier. Such is the case for machines meant for warehouses. The resolution on this machine is as high as 300 dpi, and its printer speed can be as high as 150mm/s. These efficient speeds and resolutions can be put on labels as wide as 4.16in, making the larger barcode and shipping labels a simple thing.

As you can see, Intermc barcode printers are versatile and quite powerful. They also come in a variety of shapes and sizes with the same number of features to help you get the most out of their capabilities. Whether you need an office label printer or a larger barcode or shipping label printer for your warehouse, Intermec has what you need.
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