What is Search Engine Optimization and Why Should You Do It?

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SEO or search engine optimization is very crucial to the success of your internet marketing business.
There are two types of SEO; on page and off page SEO.
Both types are very important for getting your website ranked high in the search engines.
So let's discuss why you need SEO and what they can do for your websites.
So why do you need to do SEO on your website? SEO is important for your websites because it helps you to get ranked high in Google searches for keywords that you apply to your website.
This is very critical for internet marketing because you want the top three search engines to get your website as high as it can.
There are over eight billion searches per month using these places.
So if you get your website high enough more people will be able to find your websites.
This in turn will increase the visitors to your site and make you more sales.
On-page SEO requires you to put keywords on your website that you would like to get ranked for.
In order to find these keywords you must do some keyword research using tools like Google's free keyword tool.
Once you find these keywords you must put keywords on your website content and in the meta tags.
You need to place them in the title and meta-description tags.
These tags are something your visitor doesn't see but the search engines use for placing you in the search engines.
You also need to put the keywords in your header or the title on your website.
This means putting it in the header at the very top of your web page.
You also must place the keywords throughout your content of the website; I would recommend placing your keyword three more throughout you website when using internet marketing.
Off-page SEO means getting backlinks to your website using keyword anchor text.
A backlink is a link on website that when clicked brings you to your website.
An example of an internet marketing backlink would be a link from one website to another; this is also called a one way backlink which is the best types of links.
When you do your website promotion with internet marketing strategies these backlinks are the key to getting your website ranked high in the search engines.
But when you do get backlinks you must use keyword anchor text for your links.
What this means is you need to use your keyword as the text for your links that people will see and click on.
Let's say your keyword is "make money online".
When you make a backlink to your site you would use your keyword "make money online" as the text for the link which when clicked will bring people and search engines to your website.
Sometimes you can't always use keyword anchor text for you backlinks but you should use it everywhere you can.
Now that you know what off-page and on-page SEO is then it's time to implement it in your own internet marketing business.
Only 10% of internet marketers actually use search engine optimization so if you do this correctly you will be able to outrank many other websites competing in the same niche.
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