Mistakes You Should Avoid to Master the Guitar at Your Convenience

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Mistakes You Should Avoid to Master the Guitar at Your Convenience

Aside from relying on your teacher's competitiveness and capabilities, you also want to master the guitar at your convenience. That is why practicing alone is important after every lesson and during your idle time. However, you can go astray in planning how you'd want to spend your practice time without the guidance of a teacher.

Here are common mistakes guitar students often commit during practice:

Lingering on the Skills You Already Know

Sure, you do have a guided schedule in selecting guitar lessons. Music schools and teachers want to provide an effective program to their students, so they will plan out well the things they'd include in the lesson plan. But on your own practice, you have the tendency to focus more on the skills you already know and avoid those you think you are not good at.

To truly see improvement on yourself, pay attention on the things you want to improve rather than the skills you already know. Practice strumming finger patterns you are having difficulty with rather than the chords you already mastered. Likewise, it will help if you practice guitar skills that are connected with each other. For instance, you can practice songs that are almost similar in chords, but with the other being slightly more difficult.

Focusing on the Number of Hours Rather than the Process

The number of hours you spend with your guitar is not the rightful ticket for you to master the guitar at your convenience. Beginner guitar students often make a mistake by focusing on how long they will practice rather than the improvements they will obtain after the exercise.

Focusing on the time can divert your attention from your real purpose. You must instead think of getting the most from a short practice, rather than committing a few hours of practice every day without achieving anything.

Lack of Patience and Impractical Expectations

Selecting guitar lessons guided by an adept and supportive teacher plays a huge role to your improvement as a guitar player. Yet more than this, your patience as a learner is very important. While you may aim to learn a new skill after every lesson and practice, you have to remember that guitar-playing takes time. There are certain skills that you can learn easily once your guitar instructor tells you about it, but some skills tend to be more difficult. Just be patient and don't expect that you can learn the guitar in an instant.

The length of the learning process depends on how good your teacher is and how efficient you are in practicing on your own. Master the guitar at your convenience by devoting short yet structured practice even without your teacher.
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