Tehilim - The Psalms

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The Psalms, written by King David, is the most famous book of prayers.
It contains prayers of petition, prayers of thanks and prayers of longing to God, which are mostly based on true emotional and physical events from King David's life.
While reciting the Psalms one can truly connect to the words and feel as if they were actually written about his own feelings or experience.
This is one of the reasons why praying from the Psalms is fit for everyone at all times, whether during times of joy or during times of need and despair.
The Psalms includes 150 magnificent poems of prayer and praise to God.
Each poem has its unique style of writing.
Besides the obvious reason mentioned above, the ancient sages state that reciting Psalms has a mystical power which is derived from the holy text and does not even require an understanding of the words.
The actual act of reciting these ancient holy words works wonders in Heaven on behalf of the person who recites them and the cause he is praying for.
Throughout the years the Jewish nation overcame endless suffering, while clinging to the Psalms and its comforting ancient words.
Many stories are told of the simple Jew, who during the worst times in his life, always remembered God and through true belief in Him, poured out his heart in prayer from his little Tehilim and was miraculously saved.
Nowadays, the custom of reciting the Psalms for blessing in all areas of life has become part of many people's daily routine.
This is easily demonstrated when entering a public bus in Jerusalem, where you can immediately spot people (religious and non religious), who on their way to or from work or school, effectively spend their time reciting portions from the Psalms.
So, join the flow, grab the chance and start reciting Psalms in your free time.
You will be amazed at the change it will bring to your life!
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