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Authors are almost always led by passion not statistics, however if you plan on deriving a significant income from the sales of your books and other services and products then you need to become a MASTER of statistics.
Even more importantly you need to become a master of stats starting immediately.
Now dont worry about the complexity of this task, because for a nominal fee you will be able to generate all the necessary stats from one specific site.
I don't recommended you rely on this sites numbers alone, however I do trust it as a significant source off valuable information for which I would feel confident you could  use as a jumping off point for an investment of your time and a small amount of money.
The site is the ClickBank Engine - cbengine.
com it is advertised as the internet's number 1 ClickBank marketplace website.
 Many online affiliate marketers use ClickBank Engine - CBEngine to research the top products to promote online.
This tool is used by both the novice and seasoned pro to scour a huge data base of valuable stats.
If you're just starting out with affiliate marketing, or you're a seasoned pro, CBEngine is a great tool to have at your disposal.
Some of the most valuable stats that they provide to their subscribers are;
  • Gravity - the gravity stat it is an indicator that shows how many affiliate subscribers have made a commission off of a specific product many are eBooks.
  • Categories - it shares 24 specific that are helpful to identify your chosen niches volume of products and the possible profitability of that niche.
  • New Products - their is also a list of new products that were just created and posted for those wanting to profit as an affiliate.
    For authors the most important is the link to the products website, usually a sales page but with a Google search you will be able to learn more about the creator and their business and its traffic.
  • Search bar - there is also a useful tool on the right of the page that you can use to search for the top ranked products, in your niche, and learn what the recent volume of refund requests for that product have been.
As a whole this is just a quick summary of click banks engine web site, but authors could easily see this as a highly beneficial use of their niche research time.
More importantly this could even prove to be a tool for you to use once you create a product your willing to let affiliates sell for you.
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