Bad Credit Report Repair - Your Top 3 Repair Options

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If you've discovered you have a bad credit report, you've likely already realized the consequences.
Besides no longer being eligible for regular loans, you'll also have a hard time being accepted for credit cards.
What to do? Here are three options you'll likely consider along with the pros and cons of each.
Option #1: Ignore It The guilt and shame of having bad credit might be so overwhelming that you initially decide it will be best just to ignore the problem.
Obviously there are no pros to this option though.
Bad credit is something that just gets worse the longer it is ignored.
Please do not take this route.
Option #2: Try To Repair Your Credit Yourself Depending on how bad your credit is and the reasons for your bad credit, self repair may be a viable option.
At the very least, getting a copy of your report and looking over the details are something you can do on your own to get started with.
As soon as you realize there is more there than you understand, you should move onto the next option though.
Option #3: Work With A Credit Counselor Credit counselors work to the benefit of both you and the companies that loaned to you in the first place.
They are well versed in techniques to help you clean up your credit and get back on track.
This helps you, as you'll soon be able to take out loans and make repayments in a timely manner again, and it helps the banks and credit cards companies as they don't lose money on a customer who defaulted.
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