How to Send a Jade Plant as a Gift

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    • 1). Obtain a jade plant at a flower shop or nursery in a plastic flower pot. If you grow jades yourself, select one of your smaller potted ones.

    • 2). Avoid watering the jade plant a week before sending it because succulents will ship safer with dry roots.

    • 3). Wrap the flower pot in newspaper and place it in a plastic bag, tying twine around it to keep the soil from spilling during transit. Wrap the leaves in soft paper such as tissue paper to protect them.

    • 4). Place the jade plant in a cardboard corrugated divider that will fit inside the shipping box. The flower pot should be at the bottom of the divider to lock it in place to prevent movement. Use a lightweight shipping box that will snugly fit the jade plant with the pot at the bottom of the box.

    • 5). Stuff newspaper in any empty spaces to provide extra protection and prevent the plant from moving around inside the box during shipment. Slide a greeting card into the box.

    • 6). Close the box and tape it with packaging tape at least two inches wide, using at least three strips. Address the box appropriately on the top largest surface. Mail using overnight or next-day shipping to ensure quick delivery of the jade plant.

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