How to Make Honeysuckle Extract

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    • 1). Purchase 80 to 100 proof brandy or vodka. This proof will ensure a good balance of alcohol and water in the final extract as opposed to a higher-proof alcohol.

    • 2). Calculate how many honeysuckle flowers you will need. Herbal extracts can be tricky to make with fresh material because of the guesswork in deciding how much liquid the petals contain. In general, use 1 part fresh plant material to 2 parts alcohol. In practice, 4 oz. (dry weight) of honeysuckle flowers would require 8 oz. (liquid measure) alcohol.

    • 3). Pick the honeysuckle flowers. The buds, stems and opened flowers all contain special properties.

    • 4). Fill a glass jar loosely with the honeysuckle flowers.

    • 5). Pour the alcohol over the flowers, making sure to saturate all the plant material.

    • 6). Securely cap and set the jar to steep in a dark place for two to six weeks.

    • 7). Label the jar with the date the extract was made and the ingredients.

    • 8). Shake the honeysuckle extract as often as possible during the steeping process.

    • 9). Uncap the mixture after it has steeped for the proper period of time.

    • 10

      Strain the liquid through cheesecloth, firmly squeezing the cheesecloth to release all the extract.

    • 11

      Decant into small bottles or vials with tight stoppers or corks.

    • 12

      Make a new label, again noting the date when it was decanted, the contents and dosing recommendations.

    • 13

      Store in a cupboard or refrigerator.

    • 14

      Take when needed at a dose of five to 15 drops per 8 oz. glass of water or orange juice.

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