Why the Outfit Suitability Depends on Body Shape

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Whenever you want to buy an outfit, its suitability is the biggest concern. We all wish to don a striking and stylish look for making a fashion statement. But there are very few clothing options that have the
feature of 'fit all bills' inherent into them. Indian ethnic wear is admirable for its undying charm and elegance. Here too, body shape has a role to play. Though, ethnic Indian dresses have universal suitability, yet there are styles and patterns that need to be selected as per body shape to accentuate the beauty of wearer. The diverse styles and designer trends have initiated many interesting designs of Indian attires to suit different body type. Understanding each outfit from the perspective of its suitability according to body shape will explain the reason for this aptness.

Hourglass shape women:

For such leggy beauties, almost every outfit is absolutely perfect. Their curvaceous figure allows them to try various styles in traditional dresses and look ravishing as well. Theirs is a perfect figure which must be pampered with right clothes and accessories. Although, there is no such style that does not suit this body type, options are quite diversified. Flowy and layered Anarkali suits, designer sarees, and short kurtis
beautifully complement the beauty of such figure. Though, very loose outfits are not right for them.

Apple shape women:

This body type implies heavy lower body with slender arms and enviable curves. To accentuate these features, such women should go for dresses that focus on their upper body. Clothes tight fitted on waist, collared or having heavy neckline and yoke are strict no-no for them. Anarkali salwar kameez is the most befitting fashionable attire for these women. Similarly, they can also opt for A-line kurtas with V- neck.

Pear shaped women:

Just like a pear, these women have a triangular frame with narrow shoulders and voluminous lower body. They need to bring focus on their slender upper portion. Flowy Anarkali suits with layers, Patiala salwar
kameez, and embellished necklines are perfectly suited for them. Tight fitted clothes with narrow bottom are not appropriate for this body type. Their figure needs to be flaunted in a right way and thus, they
should wear suitable outfits in lighter shades.

Rectangular shaped women:

Such body type means no curves to highlight and quite straight body. Broad neck kurtis and Anarkalis are best outfits to hide the flaws in their figure with beauty and style. There are many designer dresses
specifically designed for their body type in brighter hues.
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