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If you have tried Omegle’s website that allows you to talk to strangers, you will find the new website www.gettingrandom.com familiar.  Since Facebook has become so popular, more applications are being creation all the time.  Now as an alternative to Omegle, you can visit Getting Random and meet new people.

Getting Random has just started up and when you visit the website, it will first ask you if you if you are a guy or a girl and then give you the choice to chat with a girl, a guy, or anyone.  Once you have made your choices you click on the button, start chatting randomly.  A new screen will appear that tells you that you are talking to a stranger.  You can say hi or start a new conversation if you don’t like the way the current one is going.

At the bottom of the webpage there are several rows of pictures of strangers that you can click on.  If you do, it will take you to the Facebook login screen.  Several other options become available if you choose to do so, or you can return to the regular Getting Random page.

If you want to tell your friends about the website, there is a handy icon at the top that says invite a friend.  There you will be given the opportunity to send emails to people you want or you can allow the site to use your address book to send everyone you know an email.

Getting Random allows you the freedom to be who you want to be.  Anonymity frees people to be able to say and do things that they would normally not be comfortable doing. Omegle has had a lot of success since it began and it was only a matter of time before other companies took notice.  Omegle was not created as a dating site, but Getting Random gives you a little more control of your choices so that you could meet other people.

Both sites provide random stranger chat but Getting Random is a little different.  Because you can choose to access your Facebook account while using the Getting Random site, you have a few more options that make the site different.

The Getting Random website allows random interactions to increase on the Internet.  Talking to a random stranger can be very liberating.  The website hopes to bring people together from around the world.  The variety available from people from different backgrounds can provide for a much more interesting connection.  You never know whom you might meet next.  It could be someone from across the world or someone who lives next door to you.

You should exercise caution when using the site because there is no control set over whom you might be talking too.  Younger adults should be careful for this reason.  The anonymity that comes with the website has a price in this regard.  If someone wants to feel as though they are free to say what they want, such safeguards cannot be in place.  Check it out and see what you think.
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