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A girl walking on a road in 'ISLAMIC REPUBLIC' OF PAKISTAN has to face a lot of wandering evil eyes of men and it really doesn't matter what she is wearing.Even women wearing 'burkah' or 'hijaab' have to tolerate the hard mean stares of men.Mostly students and business women face this "mind-blowing" problem on daily basis.
But wait......I am not writing this article to express my sympathies with those women.They are probably sick and tired already as firstly they have to go through this "normal" every day problem and then the rest of the people come up and show their sympathies.Many authors have discussed this problem in their content in the past,many of them women(no surprise!).Discussing a problem has never actually solved the problem(watch political talk shows if you have any doubt).
My sole reason to write this content is to hit the male population with some hard facts.

Here i would like to address only those men who have nothing better to do then to stare at women who are forced to come out of their homes for education or work.

Actually,these men think that it is their right to perform this mighty act of bravery as it is their eyes which are doing the watching and obviously no one can do anything about it except themselves.
These men seems to forget that their own sister,wife or mother might be facing this same very thing on another street while they are so busy in their "daily staring job".

Some would and some would not be surprised at all to know that although these men think that it's their right to harass girls and women on streets,these very men turn completely opposite when the tables gets turned on the women of their own family.

I personally know some people who don't even let their sisters wear trendy clothes.But they once again forget to acknowledge the fact that they never spared even those women who 'hijaab' themselves so why would others spare their sisters on any condition?

They think that the solution is not to let their sisters and wives wear trendy clothes and keep them away from co-education schools/colleges/universities,cell phone and internet.But the fact is,the more they put restrictions the more the girl wants to go against them as it is simple human nature,not only women's.

As my previous article 'Early marriages and side effects of late marriages' has explained the reasons of sex desperation in both men and women because of late marriages,although a person could make some suggestions to deal with this social evil for starters.

For men,if you are not being accepted in the society as eligible for marriage even if you are sexually fit,it is better to watch porn on internet or visiting a professional slut rather then harassing the women of your own city and neighborhood as you don't know yourself who might be under the 'hijaab'.

Until and unless men don't consider,admit and work out on these hard facts,none of our sisters and mothers are safe no matter how much restrictions we put on them,not to mention that they probably don't even deserve such restrictions.

Things could not be changed by consideration of a few people.This particular problem needs a mass consideration.
I hope I was able to make my point to the reader.
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