Video: Electrolytes & Aerobic Exercising

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Video Transcript

Hey, guys. My name is Robert Weeks, and today I'm gonna be teaching you about electrolytes and aerobic exercising. Okay guys I think we've all had a point in our life where we overexerted ourselves and we definitely felt like we could not go on anymore. Our breathing was slow, sweating was heavily profusely, and we also couldn't get our thoughts right we were almost kind of lethargic. Well, that's because there's a chemical process happening in your body. What's happen is that you're releasing fluid quicker than your body can actually replace it. What happens is in order to do this correctly with osmosis and get the water out of your body is to take salt. In order to get salt into the human body we eat something called sodium. Sodium comes into our body and it helps our muscles kind of refresh themselves where they been physically exerted. Okay so when it comes to aerobic exercises you have to remember that it takes an extreme amount of cardiovascular health and it takes extremes amount of endurance. Both of those take out a lot of fluid of your body. So when doing these exercise you have make sure that you properly adequately drinking enough water and replacing your electrolytes. Electrolytes are very commonly found in Gatorade and other sports drinks and they actually actively go into your system immediately so immediately once you drink it your body uses it and that's electrolytes and aerobic exercising. See you next time guys.
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