Different Types of Pillows

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    Traditional Pillows

    • Traditional pillows are the pillows that most people use to sleep that fit into pillowcases. These are available in standard size, queen size and king size.

    Body Pillows

    • Body pillows are large pillows that you can use to support your entire body while you sleep. These are ideal for people who sleep on their sides most of the time, and for pregnant women.

    Neck Pillows

    • Neck pillows are U-shaped or cylindrical pillows that are used to support the neck while sitting. These are also called cervical pillows, and are available in standard and travel size.

    Lumbar Pillows

    • Lumbar pillows support the lower back. These pillows are round and can be used when sitting for extended time, such as while driving on a long trip or when sitting at a desk.


    • Donuts are a type of pillow that are used to alleviate pressure on the tailbone area. These pillows are commonly used by hemorrhoid sufferers or people with broken tailbones.

    Husband Pillows

    • Husband pillows are pillows with a high back and an extension on either side that look like arms. These are used to prop up while reading, using a laptop or watching TV.

    Decorative Pillows

    • Decorative pillows, such as throw pillows, are used for aesthetic purposes. Various fabrics, colors and patterns are available for these pillows.

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