Edit your unsupported DVDs using IMOVIE:

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DVDs are commonly used to carry our data in digital format, but these are widely used in carrying our high definition videos that may contain movies, TV shows, dramas, documentaries and music albums. These DVDs are used commonly for this purpose because of the features that these digital disks are providing for fulfilling our desired needs. The videos that are in high definition quality are commonly in huge sizes. These disks are capable of occupying huge size files and another most important factor that makes these disks common in use is the portability feature of the media. DVDs are the small disks that are easy to carry and port and these are also supported widely on the DVD players. This is the most portable solution with cost effective factor also; that makes the publishers and consumers use this media more preferably. If you are a Mac OS x user you will always love to use the most prominent utility named IMOVIE, Mac users always love to use this featured utility for editing their most favorite videos to make a better use of the bought DVD movies.

IMOVIE is a featured utility program that is developed by the Apple Inc. for the Mac users to make them enjoy their favorite videos in an enhanced quality. This utility program includes multiple professional tools for the Mac users to make them use and enhance the quality of the videos. It is an editing utility program from the ILIFE pack.

Most of the DVDs that we bought from the markets are including movies and other contents in VOB format. Video Object or VOB is a container format for encoding the videos that are dedicated to the DVD videos. DVDs contain videos in VOB format that is supported on all the commercial DVD players. Publishers also prefer these DVDs because of the flexibility that these disks provide for implementing the security checks for protecting these disks and contents from unauthorized access and redistribution of the videos. To import the videos from DVD to IMOVIE Mac, you are required to make all the videos protection free because these are the limitations that are imposed by the publishers that cannot be overcome using the default IMOVIE.Another limitation that makes these videos unsupported on the app is the video format that is VOB video container format. VOB format is required to be converted into a supported format for the app so that these videos can easily be managed in video editing utility for editing and to make these videos in enhanced quality. For editing your videos or favorite movies, you are required to remove the protections that are imposed on the DVDs also you are required to convert the VOB format to a supported video format. You can choose Mac the ripper tool for this purpose. It is a professionally developed DVD ripper that can remove all the protection that are causing inaccessibility of the files and convert the video format into an IMOVIE supported format. After using this software, you will be able to import DVD to IMOVIE for performing video editing and to add multiple professional effects in the movies.
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