MRSA and Nano Technology

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    Topical Treatments

    • Traditional treatments have involved draining abscesses and prescribing internal antibiotics. Resistant bacteria, such as MSRA, can run rampant despite treatment, endangering the patient's life. Nano particles in newer treatments carry nitric oxide, killing bacteria and promoting healing.

    Gowns and Bedding

    • MSRA Staph infections can be transmitted from patient to patient through hospital gowns, bedding and other fabrics. Textiles incorporating nano particles of silver tiny enough to kill the bacteria but harmless to humans could disrupt the spread of disease in medical facilities.

    Surface Coatings

    • Surgical equipment, walls, floors and other surfaces in hospitals can eradicate the MRSA bacteria through use of a coating which contains nanoparticles delivering the enzyme lysostaphin. This enzyme is fatal to the MSRA bacteria while being harmless to humans and other organisms. The technology is easily added to latex paint, surface coatings and medical instruments.

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