Interpreting Body Language - Are They Attracted to You?

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Have you been wondering if a certain person is attracted to you? Has somebody been watching you and you believe they like you, but cannot really tell? If you are looking for some answers, you have come to the right place! Therefore, here are three key body language features to look for when trying to decipher if somebody is attracted to you.
The first and probably most common way to know if somebody is attracted to you is to watch how they look at you.
A person can look at you to simply see who you are.
On the other hand, a person can look at you to not only see who you are, but what you are about.
For better words, a person can look at you to check you out.
When somebody is checking you out, their look at you will be more of an interest rather than an awareness type of look.
Such as, rather than looking at you to see if they know you, they may look at you with the hope to know you.
Rather than just looking at you to see what you are doing, they may look at you to see how you are doing it.
Their looks at you will be longer than normal and they may even accompany a smile if you look back at them.
Another form of body language that shows attraction toward you is how a person faces you.
When you step into a room or sit at a table, the person attracted to you will face their body in your direction.
They may be talking with somebody else, but will turn their body toward you so they have a reason to glance in your direction.
Last, but not the least, another body language indicator that shows somebody is attracted to you is what they do to talk to you.
When someone is attracted to you, they will find a way to say something to you.
They may try to ask you a question.
They may try to offer you help.
They may even purposely stand in your way as you are walking by to speak to you and say, "Excuse me.
" Or, they may try to find you through a social network and send you an add request to see if you will accept it.
May your eyes be open to all of the people who check you out, face their body toward you, and try talking to you.
May you know when somebody is attracted to you and enjoy the flattery that comes with it.
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