Princess-Themed Bridal Shower Decorations

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    • For a classic fairytale look, turn to party "scene-setter" wall decorations, such as medieval stone-look wall backdrops and columns, or green fields with distant castles. Add vinyl wall clings that give the look of a banqueting hall with torches, stairways and windows if you want a medieval celebration, or add potted trees and plants to the room to give the shower an outdoors garden feel. Sheer draperies and metallic accents at windows, on doors and over furniture will dress up existing pieces in the room. Use lush linens with silky coordinating swags on the cake and gifts tables. Add silver streamers, heart-and-bird garlands or hanging spiral decorations to the ceilings for a princessy atmosphere, and string up miniature white lights everywhere you can to add sparkle. Create a spotlight on the bride-to-be when she opens gifts by using a portable or existing stage to hold a throne chair decorated with faux jewels and velvety fabric.


    • Sheer or textured fabrics such as organza, tulle and lace are perfect for a princess-themed bridal shower. Use them over plain linens or in spots where you want a more flowing effect. Drape the tables with white or something in your color scheme, and add a touch of royalty to the place settings by using gold- or silver-look chargers under the plates. Table "diamonds," or crystal-look stones sprinkled on the tables, add glamor and style. Goblets also give a royal feel to the tables. Add centerpieces of flowers, accented with some sparkle, in elegant glass cylinders or traditional silver vases. If you prefer candles instead, use large glass bowls and float several floating candles in with just a few fresh rosebuds, or find engagement-ring diamond-shaped tea-light holders to refract candlelight all over the tables. Sprinkle gold or silver star, castle or crown confetti around for more princess-bride style. For a romantic, oh-so-princessy touch, use gilded birdcages decorated with artificial white lovebirds, ivy vines and roses.


    • For an inexpensive flowery look without all the fresh flowers, scatter silk rose petals in your color choice among the place settings and on the gift table. If your shower budget allows, garland fresh or silk flowers with ivy or other vines to decorate archways, windowsills, tables and mantels. Classic princess bride flowers are, of course, roses, but orchids, lilies and other delicate blooms also fit this theme well. Find flowers that fit your bridal shower colors, and if fresh ones aren't available or are too costly in your shades, look to craft stores or superstores for a wide array of silk flowers. They can be wired into symbols of bridal bliss, like hearts, swans and doves, for unforgettable decorations.

    Color Schemes

    • You can choose a popular princess bride color theme for your shower decor: feminine pink and white with purple accents. Or, for a less traditional Renaissance princess bride, choose deep blues and ivory. You can also dress the bridal shower decor up with very elegant color choices such as black and purple, or deep red and gold for a medieval princess setting. Yet another idea: Throw a princess bride garden party with lots of greens and whites mixed with roses or lilacs, or go all-purple with several different shades, and add accents of silver for a fantasy princess bridal shower. Lime green with black is a very modern shower color choice, or chocolate brown and champagne make a great pairing too. A princess-themed bridal shower can be decorated in any color combination you wish: Base the choice on the bride's preferences and favorites.

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