Do You Know the Purity of Your Scrap Gold?

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With our current recession, we can all use some extra cash to help with the bills.
Cash for gold over the Internet has become a popular way of getting quick cash.
There are many gold buyers out there so who do you trust? You want to look for convenience, safety, high payout and good service.
All of us have scrap gold around the house that can be sold to provide quick cash.
It is important that you have some idea what your gold is worth.
The value of your scrap gold depends on the current price of gold (spot price), weight and purity.
The purity of gold is known as the karat grade.
Interestingly, the word karat dates back to ancient times in the Middle East and Mediterranean when the carob seed was used to measure the weight of gold.
Gold is a soft metal when pure so in order to make jewelry out of it other metals are combined to make it stronger.
Often copper, silver or zinc is added for hardness.
The percentage of gold to its alloy is what determines its purity.
Pure gold is labeled as 24 karats (K) (almost 100% gold).
It isn't common for jewelry to be made of 24K due to its softness.
In the United States, most of our jewelry is 10K, 14K, or 18K.
If you have a 14K ring that means that the ring is made up of 14 parts gold to 10 parts alloy (copper, silver and/or zinc).
A 14K ring is said to be 58.
3% pure.
The higher the karat number the more valuable your item.
Most gold jewelry is stamped in terms of its karat number however all stamps are not necessarily accurate for a number of reasons.
Determining the purity level of your gold is important.
For the most part, you will not be able to do this other than look at the stamp on your item.
On the other hand, gold buyers have state of the art testing methods to verify purity.
Some gold buyers still use the old acid/scratch test as well.
Other gold buyers are experts and use state of the art equipment to confirm the purity of your scrap gold.
If you require cash for your unwanted gold jewelry visita reputable gold buyer online and fill out their form to request your prepaid secure return gold packet.
When you receive your return packet, just place your unwanted scrap gold inside and send it back.
Each packet should have a tracking number so you can follow your packet each step of the way.
The gold buyer will contact you as soon as they value your items and make you an offer.
If you accept the offer, you will be mailed a check which will arrive within 24 hours.
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