Search Engine Ranking - How the Search Engines Assign Rankings

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Have you ever wondered about the reason why search engines need to assign specific rankings to a site?Or have your pondered upon the thought as how each site, considering the huge number of sites there are on the net, are being ranked by these search engines?Or probably you have asked yourself several thousand times about the mechanisms that search engines use in order to rank a site.
All these are some of the questions that are worth the attention to answer.
Firstly, search engines rank a site because they would to share to the whole net industry how each and every site on the net is doing its job in order to achieve the highest standard and form of quality.
As such, the level of importance that it possesses from among the various sites on the net.
The whole idea of the ranking is best explained by the simple illustration that the higher the ranking bestowed to the site, the better the quality it has and shall therefore be awarded by having the site displayed as the most significant site there is from among the various search results.
So, how does then the search engine work on getting the site ranked?Are there any bases for the ranking?The answer is, yes!Yes, there are mechanics and criteria that are being used by the search engine to rank any site.
It begins with: a.
The content of the site is basically used by search engine as one of the factors to consider in ranking it.
The quality of the content based on relevance, importance, usability, and accuracy are few of the common traits being looked upon by the search engine in the ranking of the site.
Usually, the ranking based on content is accompanied by the way on how search engines see the site to be driving potential visits from net users.
The more people who look at the content of the site essential, the better it gets to be for the search engine.
Search engines work on looking the relative number of keywords that are present on the site.
The more relevant keywords there are on the site content the better it will be judged by the search engine.
You see, keywords are the ones that net users are using in order to search for a specific content.
If the keywords on the content are appearing to be equated with the search terms used by the net user then your site has a fair chance of getting better ranking from the search engine based on keywords.
There are so many things that are still needed to be considered by the search engine in the ranking process.
More to that will be discussed when you get into checking how well the site is doing in the ranking of all sites.
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