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Some new technology is being used now in the UK, which makes GPS even more accurate for personal tech devices and automobiles.
These new technologically advanced systems will be able to bring the accuracy within a meter, rather than the best in-car systems no barely accurate to 32 yards.
This new Super GPS System is the European Galileo Project and it will be completed in 2010 and will revolutionize the capabilities of current GPS.
How will this be achieved? Through more satellites using a net-centric grid system.
This system and all these technologies will be available to China as well, which one would suppose will be used for accurate military uses, such as guided munitions.
All of the new Super-GPS Galileo Project is on time and ahead of schedule meaning that the frequency bands set aside for this use are secure now and will not expire, as has been the case previously with such satellite ventures, as you recall one of Craig McCaws projects some eight years ago.
The new 3G wireless cell phones in the UK will have built in GPS function, similar to those in the US.
Needless to say with all this new technology, the United States will lag behind in such capabilities in the commercial sector if it does not allow transfer technologies or joint use of satellite systems.
Additionally such technologies are taking some military advantage away from the United States that they have enjoyed for decades.
GPS will never be the same again and we will continue to see more of this in 2006.
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