Low Testosterone And Your Health

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Researchers are endeavoring to uncover the mysteries associated with how low androgenic hormone or testosterone is related to men's overall health and well-being.
On the way, and there is still a long way to go with their studies, they're discovering many genetic and direct connections between low androgenic hormone or testosterone and other health problems.
Diabetes, "metabolic syndrome", obesity, and hypertension, erectile dysfunction and also heart problems have all already been linked to low testosterone ranges within men.
But is their deficiency or lesser quantity a symptom of the diseases, or are the diseases a symptom of the low levels of androgenic hormones? Lower than optimal hormone levels has yet to be proved as known to triggers for these health problems, and it is unclear whether simply replacing testosterone is the best cure.
Nevertheless, the frequency of association in between low testosterone along with other medical conditions tend to be interesting and really worth the further research being proposed.
Will Low Testosterone Mean Poor Health? Recently, researchers have observed general links in between low testosterone along with other medical conditions.
A 2006 study of more than two thousand men aged men more than forty five years old demonstrated that lower than normal testosterone had been measured to be 2.
4 times greater for obese males, 2.
1 occasions higher for males with diabetes, and nearly twice as likely for men along with high blood pressure.
However the question still remains.
Is it the low hormonal count that is the cause of the diseases, or is it the diseases that cause the low testosterone? The research is ongoing, but as we know with common sense that it will be both.
That lower androgenic levels will bring about reduced activity which will feed into obesity which in turn feeds into diabetic and heart related problems.
That's looking at from one side.
Looking at it from the other side, time and further research will prove what most people already believe - that these diseases further exacerbate to low hormone count.
All these conditions are inter-related and so it is not a case of "chicken or the egg", instead it is more a case of the "chicken AND the egg".
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