Lose Your Weight For Good - Practical Advice on How to Lose (and Keep Off) Unwanted Fat

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1) Eat less calories than you burn, within reason.
Fat loss occurs when you eat less calories than your body requires to maintain its present weight.
Simply put, to lose weight you must decrease overall food intake.
However, cutting calories to extreme levels (i.
below 1200 kcal/day) will cause your body to go into starvation mode, down-regulating your metabolism and preserving your fat stores.
Nobody wants that, so when decreasing calories in order to lose weight, start initially consuming 12 times your body weight in calories.
If your bodyweight doesn't decrease at 12 times your bodyweight, decrease your calories 100 - 200 less than 12 times your bodyweight for a week.
2) Exercise 5+ hours every week.
It's no coincidence that people successful at losing weight exercise much more frequently than the average person.
Setting aside one hour for five days of the week to do cardiovascular exercise and/or weight training can have a profound effect on your metabolic efficiency and body composition.
Remember, a week contains 168 hours-it is easily possible for anyone to commit 3% of her week to totally transforming her body.
3)Train with weights.
Dieting causes us not only to lose fat, but also to lose muscle.
Lean body tissue is responsible for our metabolic, calories-burning abilities.
Weight training during your dieting phase helps retain muscle, thus keeping your metabolism burning fat.
I recommend including full-body, free weight exercises like lunges, dumbbell bench presses, overhead presses, rows, squats, and stiff-leg deadlifts in your workout, which demand the most energy during your workouts.
4) Develop an unwavering commitment to change.
In order to achieve the body of your dreams, you must carry out the activities that lean people do; you must change your thinking on the meaning of food and exercise.
Food is highly correlated to everyday social conditions, so you must learn to moderate your intake at all times, whether it's a dinner party or a weekend night out.
Exercise must become necessary, not optional, for your life, meaning you must find some enjoyment in order to sustain commitment.
Fit people have learned to enjoy the fruits of their labor during exercise and eating, knowing that nothing tastes better than being thin.
These are habits you must learn in order to succeed over the long-term.
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