Running a Mobile Car Wash in Alabama

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If you live in Alabama and are out of work, you might consider setting up your own business.
One business which is very easy to get into, and doesn't cost a lot of money would be the mobile car washing sector.
I actually got into the mobile carwash business as soon as I could drive at age 16, after washing aircraft at of the airport and getting my experience that way.
Still, it hardly matters how old you are, a mobile car wash business is viable.
I can recall someone who was 70 years old buying a franchise from us in Burbank California, and he did fine with his own company.
Now then, back to Alabama as an excellent market, there is a good labor supply, and there are a number of very large cities with thousands of customers who already are demanding services, but can't get them.
What major areas would I focus on if I was setting up a mobile car wash Alabama? Well, if you live in or around any of these large areas, you will certainly have as much business as you care to do; Tuscaloosa Montgomery Birmingham Mobile and Daphine Tuscaloosa is a wonderful place to do business, and there is a Mercedes Factory there, so the town is into their automobiles.
The economy has recovered there after the huge tornadoes which wiped out and devastated the area.
Montgomery Alabama is also a very good place to do business, and there is a decent labor supply as well, with some upscale middle-class neighborhoods now which are a wonderful place to do business.
Birmingham is a huge city with a number of factory jobs, and large corporations.
There is also a good amount of college labor, and a decent amount of competition, as mobile car washing and detailing is very popular there.
Still, there seems to be plenty of business for everyone if you network correctly, and you do quality work - thus, there will be plenty of referrals for new business.
Along the coastal area there is Mobile Alabama, and Daphne Alabama.
Mobile has a good amount of industry, a lot of labor, and affluent areas as well.
It tends to be a good mix if you stay on the correct side of town.
Daphne is middle-class and upper-middle-class, and a wonderful place to do business, although the city ordinances are fairly strict.
However, that turns out to be a good thing as it keeps out the riffraff, and if you run a professional business, get all your licenses, and follow the storm water rules you'll be fine.
Yes, I thoroughly enjoyed doing business in Alabama, the people are nice, and there are many very beautiful parts.
Thus, I recommend it as a good place to do business.
Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.
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