An Overview Of The Main Specifications Of The Stunning HTC Titan

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If you're looking for a smartphone that's bigger than average, you may be interested in the HTC Titan. Powered by Windows Phone Mango OS, it is big but offers some attractive specifications. The HTC Titan measures 4.7 inches as opposed to the 4.3 inches which seems to be the standard among new smartphones.

The HTC Titan weighs in at 160 grams that is balanced well throughout the handset. The body of the phone is encased in an aluminium shell, which is easily removed to access the internal components, such as the battery and micro SD card. The antenna is housed in a small plastic compartment surrounded by controls such as the volume, the camera switch, the 3.5mm headphone jack and a MicroUSB port. The design and construction of the HTC Titan is almost flawless, with great ergonomics, giving the unit a feel of being sturdy, without being difficult to handle, despite its size.

One complaint that smartphones manufacturers have begun to address, is that the screens were too small, and HTC has boldly taken the initiative and included a 4.7 in super LCD screen with very little surrounding it. With superb colour rendering and uncompromising viewing angles, the screen size may be its strongest selling point. Perhaps the truest reproduction among phones in the same class, the black colours are deep, while whites are true and uniformly lit across the entire screen, without saturation or quality loss when viewed at different angles. It would be expected that a phone with such a large screen and high processor speed, might need regular recharging, however the phone can go a full 20 hours of regular use such as Gmail, web browsing and video playback without interruption.

A truly outstanding feature of the HTC Titan is the 8 megapixel camera on the back of the handset. The photos taken are of an extremely high quality, with great detail. The software included with the camera allows you to adjust and compose images before they are captured, holding down the key on the side of the phone. The captured images are easily dragged into view from the left side of the screen. The HTC Titan is also capable of recording video at 720p which is acceptable for such a smartphone.

Not everyone will like this phone, but the Titan's 4.7-inch Super-LCD is a leap ahead for the ability to comfortably watch video on your phone, despite the compromise that appears to have been made in resolution. Due to its larger size, the unit may take a bit of getting used to, from an ergonomic standpoint. Being a Windows phone, there will be some limitations in the variety and number of Apps that can be installed, as the Windows Marketplace is still behind those of its competitors in the Android and iOS platforms. The choice of the HTC Titan will depend largely on your requirements. If handling multimedia is important and the lack of a wide variety of applications does not pose a concern, then the Titan is definitely worth a closer look.

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