Before Fall of Giants - Ken Follett"s Take Off and Few Bumps

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The first two thrillers from the author were The Shakeout and The Bear Raid.
The subject of his books was industrial espionage and people in Europe and American were almost obsessed with the subject at that time.
The interest, however, was not large enough to create a huge market for his books.
Started Writing under Pseudonyms He also wrote many novels under pseudonyms and most of these took liberal help from his career as a crime reporter.
All these novels were written at night while he worked at a publication during the day.
Writing for him in this period was not more than a hobby and he likened it to growing vegetables by other men in their spare time (but he could continue writing because his books sold more than vegetables).
Confident About Eye of the Needle Ken Follett himself had a lot of confidence in his first major literary success Eye of the Needle.
He left his job one day before his agent sold it to Arbor House.
He had overnight become a top author and he made about $525,000 from the book.
Both American and British critics received the book positively.
After writing one more book for Arbor House, he landed a deal with New American Library for his forthcoming three books for $3 million.
Interesting Relationship with Publishers Ken Follett's relationships with the publishing companies were as interesting just like his books themselves.
He had to enter into a legal battle with his previous publishing house Arbor House as they wanted to publish a book rewritten by him under his name and the United States judge declared that the work done by Ken Follett was indeed substantial and hence his name could be used by the publishing company.
Follett made headlines again in 1990 when he secured a $12.
3 million deal with Dell Publishing Company.
A Hollywood like star system was being formed and other writers were miffed with the huge advances that were being paid to Jeffrey Archer and Ken Follett.
Ken Follett Was Now a Big Name People connected with other writers who sold more copies said they deserved better money (simply because they sold more) and huge advances.
Ken Follett himself said the price was justified and the publishing house also agreed with him, though the core issue still remained the same - Ken Follett had indeed become a big name.
He does much more than making money, though money remains a substantial part of what he does.
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