Winter Spice Cookies

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Warm spices, like cinnamon, allspice, and ginger, signify comfort and indulgence, two ideal culinary qualities for winter. Try these winter spice cookies when you're looking for something sweet to share with coffee or tea. There are a variety to choose from in this cookie recipe collection, whether pure ginger bite or subtle mixed spices are your favorite flavor.

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Flemish Spice Cookies Recipes

For a slightly sweet, delicately crunchy butter cookie, try this Flemish spice cookies recipe. Full of warm spices, they make for a lightly textured, richly flavored indulgence alongside coffee, tea, or drinking chocolate. More »

Speculaas Recipe

Irresistibly fragrant, this speculaas recipe makes a crispy, not-too-sweet cookie that begs to be dipped in coffee. The varied blend of aromatic spices in this recipe creates the signature flavor by which Belgian speculaas cookies have been known for centuries. To enjoy the authentic version of this delicacy, roll the dough to a scant 1/8 inch thick and watch carefully for overbrowning as the cookies bake . Roll the dough to 1/4-inch thickness for a delicious, slightly crunchy spice cookie.More »

Ginger Cookies Recipe

This candied ginger cookies recipe features a delicately crunchy butter cookie dough studded with a generous amount of zesty candied ginger. They are an icebox ginger cookie, which means the flavor will develop nicely as they chill - for up to 3 days - and they make the kitchen smell heavenly for guests in just a few minutes time. It's the perfect holiday cookie!More »

Cinnamon Palmiers Recipe

When one thinks of palmiers, the tiny scroll-like pastries, sweet, flaky cookies come to mind. These cookies are just that, with a touch of comforting, caramelized cinnamon. You can whip up these treats ultra-fast, so they're perfect for last-minute gatherings or an untamed sweet tooth.More »

Chocolate Spice Crisps Recipe

A single bite of this chocolate spice crisps recipe will have you thinking they taste just like a mug of hot chocolate in a cookie. Dusted with granulated sugar before baking, the thin, delicate cookies have an elegant frosted appearance, perfect for winter holiday parties.More »

Almond Nutmeg Sables Recipe

This mildly spiced, crunchy version of the original sable cookie recipe is especially good with a hot mug of Café Napoleon for a relaxed dessert.

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