Business Opportunities Available For Women at Home

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Several studies have revealed that 77% of women prefer working at home.
Some of the jobs that women can perform from home include tailoring, handicrafts, packing vegetables and raising birds.
The interesting fact is that the above mentioned home based works are equivalent to 1/3 of the global economy production according to a recent international study.
This Study has explained that the woman who runs and manages a business project from home saves a big portion of her income opposing to a women who work outside home because the later spends about 40% of her income on appearance and transportation.
On the other hand, the World Bank statistics show that women constitute 40% of the total population and 70% of poor people in the world which is more than half of them are unemployed.
As for the Arabian job market, the economic development report has revealed that the unemployment has started to affect Arabic women when its percentage has risen from 17% in 1977 to over 25% in 2002.
Thus, the Arabian woman have moved towards the informal job market to increase her income after finding out that working from home fulfill her personal needs and provide her a source of income to help her face modern life challenges while giving her enough time to take care of children and maintain own privacy.
In spite of the fact that this kind of work is not included when calculating the national income, its actual value exceeds four thousand trillion dollar yearly and according to The United Nations Population Fund, this work is equivalent to 1/3 of the global economy production.
Not forgetting to mention that these home based businesses are not only common for women in developing countries, but this also include European Countries and United States as well.
An international study was conducted in this regard to reveal that about 46% of home business owners in the United States are women whose income exceeds those working in offices by 28%.
In Italy for instance, restaurants business owners have complained to the government after the home based restaurants have started threatening their business while in Canada economy specialists have encouraged working at home schemes claiming that they play a vital role in supporting the local economy.
In Japan though, housewives are paid a monthly salary and considered working women from home! As far as the United Arab Emirates is concerned, a survey has been done on local business women whose age range from 35 t0 47 that demonstrated that 41% of business women takes treatment against depression and 65% visit a psychiatrist doctor and thinking seriously to resign and stay at home while 44% said that they are ready to change their current jobs.
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