Budget Family Fun

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With the tough economy families are trying to find more creative ways to enjoy each other's company without spending the meager amount made at an over bearing job.
Unfortunately, the only option most families know about is the television or video games.
It's time to break that trend and learn about some great family fun options that anyone can do on a budget.
The first thing you will want to do as a family is to make a list.
As a family, sit down and discuss what each person has an interest in.
This can give you as a parent new ideas as well as allowing you to reconnect with your children.
When your list is made, as a family you can decide what would tailor to everyone's likes.
Here are a few ideas to get you started.
The first option is to get a year round membership to either a zoo or a museum.
It's a one-time fee that can be used all year.
Typically the money that you spend (and then some) can be made up after only a few uses.
The trips themselves can be educational while allowing bonding time as a family.
Another option is to go for a hike with a picnic.
Right now the leaves are changing and creating the perfect time to enjoy the beauty of nature.
This also gives you exercise and time to talk with your children.
Card and board games are perfect for family nights.
They allow you to talk, snack, and enjoy wholesome time and conversation.
These game times can even allow you open, honest communication with your teens.
If being active appeals to your family, soccer in the park might be your cup of tea.
Take your won ball and play the day away.
Even if you have to purchase the ball, you'll end up spending around ten dollars.
The next option may sound like work, but any work can be turned into playtime.
It's yard work.
This time of year, yard work can be turned into fun.
The leaves need gathered.
And one of the best activities is raking and jumping into a great big pile of leaves! For smaller children, you can make your own play and put on a show.
Kids love to use their imagination.
Let them dress up and act out their favorite bedtime stories.
See how inventive they can truly be! On rainy or cold days, the option of dancing can really warm you up and lift your spirits.
You can put on your favorite CD, open up the play list on your iPod, or just crank up your favorite station on the radio.
Not only can dancing get everyone into a good mood, it can also help improve your health.
For a slower pace to help everyone relax and settle down for the night there is reading a book together.
You can pick out books according to the season.
Some families have the tradition of reading A Christmas Carol starting after Thanksgiving and finishing around Christmas time.
Other families find that great action chapter books are better for keeping everyone's attention.
And the best part about family books is that you can always go to your local library to find a book that suits the whole clan.
Whatever you decide, make sure that you are discussing it with your spouse and children.
Being on the same page as a family is key to family fun whether it's on a budget or not.
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